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“ORUGA can be applied to any musical style and that makes it a potential global business.”

We generate innovation

for drummers

10 Countries

From Argentina
to the world

We are Oruga, a team of industrial designers and musicians dedicated to designing, development and production of sound effect accessories for percussion.

Driven by the dream of providing design solutions for drummers and percussionists from all over the world, we founded our company in 2014 focused on generating innovative products.

What we do for artists

We design, develop and produce innovative accessories to facilitate the creativity of thousands of drummers and percussionists who discover us every day.

In each product we offer them, there is a concept of innovation, which allows it to be used in a practical, intuitive and playful way, thus achieving a new user experience with the instrument.


ORUGA is a patented sound effects system that allows the drummer to add different timbres of sounds to his set in a fast, practical and effective way. Through its system of magnets, it is quickly fixed to any steel drum rim, or cymbals thus achieving a warm sound that resonates in unison when touching any vibrating surface. There was no system that allows a sound to be placed quickly and that also has multiple recreational uses for the drummer, which make it a highly recommended tool.

ORUGA products change the sound of any percussion instrument immediately. It is a patented system that allows musicians to add quickly and effectively different sounds to a percussion instrument.

With this purpose in mind and our understanding as musicians too, we have developed 3 product lines, totaling 15 different models. Every year we add new options to the catalog, offering a renewed line of products to our clients.
Our products are made entirely in Cordoba, Argentina from there we deliver it to more than 10 countries.

Where to find us

You can find the Oruga models in specialized percussion stores in Chile, Uruguay, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Brazil, Japan, Germany and the USA.

Ask us about the catalog and the list of official distributors and stay tuned with news and releases through our social networks Instagram and Facebook.

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